NeonD Logos

Will I get logos exclusive for my business?
Yes, you will get exclusive rights to use the logos for your organization. After successful payment, you will be sole owner of the logo.

How to buy the Logos?
You can buy the logos using your credit/debit card. 

Can I get custom logos?
Yes, You can order custom logos starting at $10,000. Contact us at wordpressconversion[at] and our team will get in touch with you. 

Do I need to pay recurring license fee for the logos?
No, there are no hidden fees. You will pay the full amount at once, there will be no recurring charges. 

Can I customise or edit  the log after purchasing?
You are free to customise the logos. You will have complete rights to use the logo.

Can I resell my logos?
You can resell the logos to third parties. 

Do you accept wire transfer?
Yes, contact us at wordpressconversion[at] for other payment options. Our team will provide the required details. 

Do you provide web designing services?
Depending on the project size, we provide Web designing and development services. Minimum budget for designing and development is $20,000. 

Can I register my trademarks on the purchased logos?
Yes, you can register trademarks on your logos. You will incur registration fee for the trademarks. 

Can purchase logos with PayPal?
Yes, you can purchase logos using PayPal. Additional processing fee is applicable for payments through PayPal. Contact us at wordpressconversion[at] and we will provide the required details and additional charges. 

What file formats are supported?
Logos will be provided in SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphic).

Will I get full copyrights on the logos?
Buyers will get full rights on the logos. 

Where can I use the logos?
 You can use the logos for branding in multiple ways including company website, print material, t-shirts etc.